Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sleeping Beauty's Dress Is Supposed To Be BLUE!

I know I've blogged about this issue before, but it's still eating at me. Important issues stay with me for a long time, you know. Only the important issues.

And, I've whined complained about this issue before, to no avail. Are important people not listening to me? This is important!

My favorite animated Disney fairy tale of all time is Sleeping Beauty.

I loved everything about it. . . her beautiful hair, her beautiful eyes, her beautiful voice. . . the three fairies who gave up fairydom to raise the baby. . . the King and Queen, who actually had personalities. . . the Prince, who had a personality, too (unlike most Disney princes who are merely charming). . . . his horse, who had the coolest personality of all. . . and while I didn't LOVE Maleficent, I still believe she's the scariest witch the Disney studios ever concocted. Holy scheisse, she used the word HELL in a Disney movie!

Most of all, I loved that beautiful blue dress Princess Aurora wore, the one the fairies made for her. Remember how they argued about the color? Should it be pink? Should it be blue? And by the end of the movie, it was blue in almost every scene except the VERY end when two of the fairies kept changing it back and forth, but everybody knew the dress was supposed to be blue because that was the prettiest?

What happened?

Every toy, every costume, every advertisement, every everything about this movie now portrays the Princess in a pink dress! I hate the pink dress! The dress is supposed to be BLUE! BLUE!!!

I sure wish I knew who was responsible for this stupid marketing stunt. Sleeping Beauty is one of my childhood's icons, and icons shouldn't be messed with. The dress is supposed to be blue.

Dear Marketing Person Who Made The Decision To Market This Dress As Pink: You suck.



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