Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Haiku? Gesundheit!

To learn the meaning
of life, just ask a blogger.
We know the answer.

As bloggers, we know
what "community" really
is, for we live there.

Blogosphere neighbors
might not know what you look like,
but we know enough.

Our lives are enhanced
by invisible friends who,
daily, sustain us.

Never feel that you're
alone; the blogosphere is
full of friends, waiting.

I'm taking my heart
to San Francisco, and I
just might leave it there.

Oh, my BlogHer friends,
I don't know you yet, but I
already love you.

I think that Heaven
might be a lot like BlogHer:
our best, in public.

Sight unseen, we get
to know "what" they really are,
and not merely "who."

Nobody really
cares who you were in high school.
Your blog is you, now.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Go ahead and laugh. I know corny when I see it, too. But the thing is, you see. . . sometimes I like a little corn. It's roughage. Good for the colon.

And can anybody tell me why it is that even though people chew the corn up pretty thoroughly, it still poops out in whole kernels?

Inquiring minds want to know.

P.S. The latest Carnival of Education is up now, over at Steve Spangler.com. Click over and become enlightened! Remember: if you don't keep yourself informed, you forfeit all whining rights. ALL WHINING RIGHTS BELONG ONLY TO THE INFORMED!

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