Sunday, July 06, 2008

Before You Flush, Send Me Your Contribution!

Every week, I recommend that all of you click over to the Carnival of Education, because if we don't keep up on what's going on in our schools, how can we form a viable opinion? This applies to pretty much everything, in fact: them what ain't in the know, needs to shut up. We must all stay in the know! And what better way to keep informed about our children's education, ie our nation's future, than to read what concerned educators and parents have to say?

Ahem. I am, therefore, more than proud to announce that this week, the Carnival of Education will be hosted right here at Scheiss Weekly. Did I mention that I am proud? I am sooo proud. I consider being allowed to host the Carnival of Education to be a great privilege and honor.

I would also like to invite you all to contribute a post to this week's Carnival of Education! Whether you are a public, private, post-grad, or homeschooling instructor, a citizen, a neighbor, a mean old coot who doesn't return the baseballs that fall into your yard, or a parent (and all parents are teachers!), I would love to feature as many articles as possible from all kinds of people everywhere.

Please get your contribution to me by Tuesday, July 8, at 6:00 p.m. The Carnival will be published early Wednesday morning, July 9. You can email your contribution to me, as an attachment, at: MamacitaG@gmail.com

I hope lots of you send me your articles! I look forward to getting them! Thank you all, in advance!

Now, back to writing and listening to a very interesting random playlist. . . .

1. Petra Berger - Lonely Without You
2. The Puppini Sisters - Heart of Glass
3. The King's Singers - Marry A Woman Uglier Than You
4. Michael Penn - High Time
5. Five For Fighting - Easy Tonight
6. Josh Radin - Don't Look Away
7. Norah Jones - Love Me Tender
8. Leah Andreone - Lamentation
9. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
10. Gomez - How We Operate
11. Ben Folds - Golden Slumbers
12. Cake - Frank Sinatra
13. Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves
14. A Night on Bald Mountain (Moussorgsky/Mussorgsky/pick one) - Tomita
15. Nick Drake - The Cello Song
16. Alessandro Safina - Luna
17. Savatage - Desiree (acoustic piano version)
18. James Taylor, Art Garfunkel, & Paul Simon - What A Wonderful World
19. Cowboy Bebop - Walk In The Rain
20. DaVinci's Notebook - Stray Cat Strut

I work better with music. I work best with an odd eclectic mix. I can't work at all in silence.

Word of advice: if your family has been feasting on freshly-picked blackberries and blueberries as if there were no tomorrow, don't look down into the bowl before you flush. It will just frighten you unnecessarily.

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