Sunday, May 11, 2008

We Live in a Big Geography Book

It's incredible to me that I could be a thousand miles from home, and yet the internet is exactly the same as it always is. It's Sci Fi, is what it is.

What is NOT the same is the geography. I'm in the mountains for a week, and I am completely minimized by the size of them. Minimized, and maximized. Flying here, I watched the topography change, and change, and change again. Not little minor changes, either: HUGE changes. The plane covered five or six chapters in a geography book and it was awesome.

Yesterday we experienced one of the fiercest hailstorms I'd ever seen, but there was no talk of tornadoes and no siren. When the clouds started moving in, low against the mountain, there was no mention of rain; the kids were sent outside to sniff for fire. There are no possums here, either. What equivalent do they have? I don't know yet. I'm sure they have something, though.

I like it out here. I could live here happily.

My brother and sister-in-law are lovely, friendly, interesting people,and my two nephews are GREAT.

The new haircut and style my Tumorless Sister set me up with is great, too.

The immensity of my frumpiness must have been too much for her to stand. Thank you, T.S. You're wonderful and I love you.

VERY odd flight, ours. Three segments to get here, and the longest segment flown in a tiny commuter plane! Headwinds, too; fortunately, I am not affected by a bumpy ride but several passengers were.

A childhood full of hanging upside-down and spinning at the 4-H Fair prepared me for just such a flight.

Many more violent flights like that, and I would want to buy stock in whatever company that manufactures those tiny vomit bags.
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