Saturday, April 05, 2008

. . . wherein I again speak about Lays. I'm all for them.

As a child, I was a terribly picky eater. It didn't do any good to mention it, though, because I couldn't leave the table until I'd eaten what my mother told me to eat.

Now, unfortunately, I'm not quite as picky with most foods. I'll try pretty much anything, and I love to go to fun restaurants and experiment.

HOWEVER. Once I've experimented, I might add something to my "Intense Hatred List" of foods for all time. That list isn't very long, but what few things are on there, are genuinely detested and I'll thank the fates that be not to EVER put them on my plate again.

Sauerkraut. Boiled spinach. Extremely spicily hot foods. There are others, but those might head the list.

I'm not likely to encounter most of my detested foods in any kind of ordinary situation, but when it comes to snack foods, or "foods I'm most likely to have for lunch when nobody's home but me," I've had some nasty surprises.

I do not like flavored potato chips. I've tried them all and I don't like them. I'd rather have none, than a flavored chip.

I do not like flavored colas, unless they are fresh from the fountain. (you young things might have to look up "fountain drinks") I once took a sip of a lime-flavored diet coke and almost rose up out of my chair in outrage.

Plain Lay's potato chips. Plain diet coke.

Beyond that, I'm good to go just about anywhere.

I won't, however, order sauerkraut, and I prefer my spinach fresh, thankyouverymuch.

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