Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bill Clinton Spoke Here

Bill Clinton was supposed to speak in one of our middle schools' gymnasiums at 12:30 today. (The mid-town one, naturally; nobody ever presents anything at either of the two rural middle schools) I was supposed to pick up my sweet MIL from the newspaper office (she is a reporter) at 11:10, and take her to a doctor's appointment. As I was trying to get there, around 11:00, many of the streets in the middle of town were already blocked and guarded by police cars and fire trucks, and the crowds were thick.

I managed to get to her office and pick her up, and with just a little maneuvering and a few detours we made it to the doctor's office in time.

After her appointment, we stopped for a quick lunch and then I took her back to work. Bill still hadn't shown up, but the streets were still blocked and the crowds were even bigger.

I had no desire to see Bill Clinton or anyone he might be still married to as I type, so I came back home. I was interested in his visit from a historical standpoint, however, so every once in a while I checked them pesky internets to see what he was speaking about, but at 2:00 he still hadn't shown up. I started to wonder what the middle school was going to do about getting all those kids on their respective buses pretty soon. The streets were completely congested and I was betting to myself that there would be no way the guards would allow all those school buses in there.

I finally got an email from my Cousin C; she'd been standing up for over four hours but felt it was worthwhile because when Bill finally did show up, he put on a good show.

Of course, he's always been good at putting on a good show. (insert unkind smirk here)

I had a brief fantasy about being there and having him come up to me, shake my hand, and ask me if I was planning to vote for Hilary. He would use that smooth tone of voice - the one he always used when he told lies - and his charismatic wink, and I, still holding his hand, would smile at him and say sweetly, into the camera, "Oh HELL to the no. "

What, you have other kinds of fantasies? These days, mine are usually scenarios of some kind.

Maybe that kind, maybe. But mostly, this kind. Sigh.

Bill was supposed to speak at Assembly Hall at IU at 2:00. He was late for that gig, too. I have a feeling it won't matter as much up there, though, because Bill's visit was maybe just a tiny tad shown up by the Hoosiers hiring a new basketball coach.

Down here, people think basketball is important. More important than academics, more important than culture, more important than integrity, more important than good behavior, and definitely more important than politics.

Welcome to Indiana, Clintons.

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