Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad Grammar and a Couple of Naughty Words, All Justified

Oh, good! Jeff's blogging again! High time, cuz.

Hoosiers, don't forget to take your ID's with you to the polls. Indiana people don't want no corpses or people too stupid to get an ID voting in OUR state. Real people only, please.

Color me cruel - it won't be the first time - but I think ALL states should require a legal ID for anyone who tries to cast a vote. A valid, non-expired, legal ID with a picture on it that looks like you, thass right, you done heard me. If the pollworker is your mother, she should still ask to see your ID. No exceptions; that ain't fair.

I need a legal ID to write a check at Domino's, and voting is a lot more important than buying a pizza.

I do not consider requiring all voters to have identification to be any kind of infringement on my rights. I DO consider it an infringement on my rights if people who are too damn stupid to piss in a boot are allowed to vote with no questions asked.

That's how a lot of these guys get into office, you know. Yup, that's how they getcha.

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