Monday, March 03, 2008

Best of Blogs, and Fry's Electronics

The Best of Blogs awards are now open for nominations, so please go there and nominate a blog you love but which others might not know about. The BOBS are not about well-known, famous blogs, so please don't nominate those; the BOBS are about those blogs that are fantastic, that you LOVE, and that you personally feel others would like, too, if only the others knew about their existence. This year, you can even nominate your own blog.

I found many of the blogs I love best on the BOBS website, in previous years. If you click on the BOBS link, you'll see all the directions and the rules and the procedures, etc.

Remember, NO BIG-TIME BLOGS THAT EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS ABOUT! (Just you wait: somebody will try to nominate Dooce; it happens every year.) Nominate a blog that deserves a readership but doesn't have one because nobody has ever heard of it. This way, you see, good writers with witty, helpful, interesting blogs can get "discovered." Blogs that are already discovered will be disqualified. The BOBS are a fun and creative way for all of us to meet new people and become readers of their blogs!

I know there have been problems in the past with voting glitches, etc, but this year, things are looking good in all aspects. Please look through your blogrolls and RSS readers, find a blog or two, or three, or four, that you love but that gets few readers, and nominate it.

Thank you.

I return you now to our regular programming.

My husband bought an HP scanner a week ago. It's an especially nice one, because he planned to use it for, among other things, scanning all the slides in all those carousels in all the top closet shelves of all of our relatives and friends, and burning those seldom-seen pictures onto DVD's for them. He's been so busy with giving and grading zillions of calculus exams that he didn't have a chance to hook up the scanner, but this weekend, he finally got a few minutes to himself and couldn't WAIT to get started scanning slides with his new toy.

When he put the HP software cd in his dvd drive and closed the drawer, all hell broke loose with his computer. That HP cd tore into his hard drive like a bolt of lightning and destroyed every single thing he had stored in his computer: grades, tests, quizzes, pictures, music, files of all kinds, the sound cards and drivers, all his World of Warcraft stuff. . . . you name it, the HP cd destroyed it.

He bought the HP scanner at a large electronics store over a hundred miles away, so it's not that easy for us to get back up there any time soon, especially with midterms a'loomin' on the horizon, but the receipt is good for fifteen days, and next Sunday is the fifteenth day.

Will Fry's Electronics honor the receipt and either replace the scanner or give us our money back? Are they an honorable store that values a good customer? Or are they one of those skeezy stores that makes its customers jump through all kinds of hoops for their money, and if forced by law to honor a receipt then requires a restocking fee or some other such insult? I'll let you all know.

If we're treated well, I'll post it here. If we're treated poorly, I'll post that, too, and I'll include the store's address and the name of the employee who waits on us, and the name of the shift manager, too, for either circumstance.

I'm sure all the blogging world is waiting with held breath to find out if Fry's Electronics is worth going to. We're been good customers there, but it only takes one bad experience to turn a good customer into a customer who is looking for some other store to spend money in.

My husband is also completely down - the negative kind - on all HP products now.

I posts the good, and I posts the bad. I just tells it like it is.

(Grammatically speaking, it's "as it is," but this whole post was written with a surfeit of improperly used prepositions and verbs that I misused on purpose, so who cares?)

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