Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Mean Post. Stand Back.

That scene in Kindergarten Cop where Arnold sees the "father" who has been beating his wife and little boy and, in full view of half the school, throws the bum up against his car and punches him out? That scene?

I watch this movie over and over, just to see that scene. I cannot imagine any teacher who hasn't longed to do that to some "adult" who lays a violent hand on a child.

There is no excuse. There are no reasons. There is no kid anywhere who is naughty enough to deserve it. There are, however, "adults" roaming the streets, free as birds, who go home to use little children and pathetic enabling wives/shackups/ as punching bags, and feel justified to do so. It's never this "adult's" fault. It's always the wife/shackup/child who MAKE the "adult" scream and yell and throw things and hit. "See what you made me do?" "Why do you make me do this?" Baloney.

The big mystery to me is a woman who stays, and allows an "adult" to harm her little child. Let her stay, herself, if she's that stupid, but the woman who stays knowing this "adult" is going to, of his own free will because it makes him feel bigger and stronger and because the kid asked for it and cries too much and needs luxuries like food and shoes when the "adult" should be able to use his money for himself is just as disgusting as is the "adult" who actually draws the blood.

It's a sad commentary on our culture that we seem to value the rights and promises of these proven psychopaths over the rights and safety of our little children. Sometimes, nothing much is done to these "adults" because the courts, for some bizarre reason known only to them, BELIEVE the sobbing promises to do better and put the children right back in the "home" with the "adult" who then commences to do his abusing even stronger and harder because he's so angry that the children told on him. And are these children ever going to tell again? I doubt it. Some of them will be dead, and some of them will be too traumatized, and some of them will never trust a policeman or judge or teacher again because, after being told that it would be all right, it was even worse.

It's not until these monsters are finally locked up that true justice is done to them. Even the most hardened ax-murdering psychos have very little tolerance for a man who does violence to children, and many times, these foul creatures are stomped to death in a prison cell. Jeffrey Dahmer got his, and high time.

Ahnold might be a lousy governor in real life, but as a fictional kindergarten teacher, he did what all of us dream of doing: letting a known adult bully get what's coming to him.

As for the child's mother. . . . she stayed with this man and made excuses for his behavior and allowed him to beat her child. Such women get what they deserve. I only hope their children survive her inability to detach herself from a beast.

"I have to stay - I have no marketable skills! I don't have any way to earn a living!" Well, now, whose fault is THAT, missy?

An adult without a marketable skill is a shabby pathetic thing indeed. It's not the schools' fault, either. Blaming the school for dropouts and low scores, etc, is like blaming the photographer when the kid's picture is ugly. You get what you put in.

Oh, and "anger management issues" is a euphemism for "big overgrown heartless brainless sissy selfish baby boy."

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