Thursday, December 20, 2007

Too Many Lay's? I Think Not.

The latest Carnival of Education is up over at the Education Wonks, and everyone who has children, or not, should go there immediately and read up on what the nation's teachers and parents are saying about the state of our schools.

Belle and I did a good deed tonight and I'm worn out. Seriously. Would I do it again tomorrow night? Absolutely.

After our do-gooding, we went to Target. I'm not a happy shopper and I don't tend to linger in any department except electronics, and it's one of Belle's many complaints that when she pauses to look at something, I disappear. This is true, I'm afraid. I wasn't moving very fast tonight because I had a rather bad fall earlier this evening, but I managed to escape from several aisles that contained no electronics boring aisles and she had to track me down. Fortunately, she knew where to find me. Electronics. I also saw my friend Connie and we had a nice chat. She wasn't packing any heat tonight; she was off duty.

As I pushed my cart past a man, he smiled at me and hoped my Winter Solstice was a happy one. I thanked him, and said "So far, so good." I guess I could have been insulted at his presumption in assuming that I'd be remotely interested in his personal beliefs and incensed that he dared to wish me well in a context not my own, but my mother raised me to be polite and to return good wishes with good manners. I don't celebrate Solstice but it doesn't bother me in the least if someone else does. And thank you, nice man, for sharing your happiness with me.

Bell and I were planning to grab some supper but at this point I pleaded exhaustion and intense pain, and dropped her off at her apartment where she and her friends ended up ordering pizza and feasting on that. I drove home through the pouring rain, and wished for the eleventy-zillionth time that the highway's center line glowed in the dark. It was like trying to navigate through outer space; nothing was visible. I think I felt my way home.

Once home, I grabbed a cheese sandwich and a few Lay's potato chips, watched a little more of Jurassic Park, and came in here to surf and get some ideas for my marketing blogs.

Jurassic Park isn't a Christmas movie, but I was in the mood for some dinosaurs and some screaming and some impact tremors in the water. Seriously? That little tremor in the water is one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

Subtle. Which makes it even scarier.

Speaking of Lay's, I think I'll go back to the kitchen and get some more. One never gets enough Lay's.

Subtle enough for ya?
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