Friday, December 07, 2007

Readers and Blogrolls and Goings-On, Oh My

I read blogs via Google Reader these days, and I haven't actually clicked on a link in my blogroll for weeks and weeks. Tonight I started clicking, and I realized that many of my blogroll links are no longer working.

So I'm going to clean it out! And I'm going to add all the working links to my Google Reader because some of them aren't on there.

There are a LOT of links on my Google Reader that aren't in my blogroll, too. . . hmm, maybe I should just do away with the blogroll and use the reader.

Then again, I find a lot of blogs I like by clicking on other people's blogrolls, figuring that if I like one blogger, I'll probably like some of his/her blogrolled choices. It works, too.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but this I do know: tonight, I'm mowing through the links and deleting all that no longer work. In a few days, please check, and if I've deleted you and you're still alive and blogging, please email me and I'll put your working link back on.

I'm not mad at anybody and I intend to delete only those links that don't work any more.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. You may all return to your usual goings-on; I'm sure they're more exciting than mine.

That's right: to make a hyphenated word plural, put the sign of the plural on the more important word, which is usually the first word. Goings-on is correct.

Brothers-in-law. Maids-of-honor. Passers-by. Presidents-elect.

Oh wait, it's the weekend! I'm off-duty! I'll stop now. Carry on.

And I'm sure you all will. :)

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