Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Best Municipal Coarse in Indiana

There is a tiny golden kitten living in the flowerpot on the front porch. It runs away when I open the door, but its little face is pointy-chinned and innocent, and its expression tells me that it desperately wants to purr on someone's lap. It looks like a ball of yellow fluff, with four short wobbly legs, huge blue eyes, small wiggly ears, and really big feet. I think it was born next door, but since all those cats are now hanging out on my deck, I'm wondering if maybe the people next door have stopped feeding their cats.

That's not something people can do. Animals are not something to be discarded when it becomes inconvenient. I hope I'm wrong about the reason all the next-door cats are now at my house, because I hate to think the neighbors would be that shabby.

I can't keep any more cats. Does anyone need a kitten?

Silly question. EVERYONE needs a kitten!

When we get home from work, after a long, long day, and we sit down and sigh that long sigh of relaxation we've been holding in for hours and hours, there's just nothing like a soft purry little cat curling up in your lap to really make you understand what contentment is.

I've shifted pronoun 'persons' in this post, but I'm past caring. Finals are next week and the final research paper is due the week after that, and then I'm off duty for a couple of weeks, grammatically speaking.

Except that I'm never off duty, grammatically speaking, because bad grammar and poor spelling hurt me, they really do. And when I find them right down the road, in letters six inches high, they hurt me even more. This sign has since been corrected, but the memory lingers on.

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