Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spelling Counts

Seeing as how "home-made" is defined as something that was made in someone's home, and seeing as how many people enter WalMart and never seem to leave, I think I can safely say that the fried chicken we had for dinner today was home-made.

For a wonder, I did not see any of my current students in the store tonight. I will assume that means they were all at home doing their homework.

When I call for their work in the morning, I'll expect to see something from everyone.

That means I'd better get busy with last week's homework. I can't expect my students to turn things in on time if I don't REturn things back to them in a timely manner.

Occasionally, I had a teacher who demanded that we turn things in on time, but took her own sweet time about grading and returning them back to us. I considered this grossly unfair, and still do.

So, tomorrow morning, my students and I will trade papers. They'll give me their new, unmarked papers, and I'll give them last week's graded papers. Then we'll have our new lesson, and it will all begin again.

My one student who still hasn't emailed me with the answers to the internet quiz: Please get that to me before class starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning!!! You've had a full week and I don't want to mark you down for not doing it. Everybody else in the class has done it. You can do it, too. I'm counting on you to not let me, or yourself, down. I'll be checking my email until midnight or after. Please get it to me? The nature of the assignment will not permit you to hand-carry a paper copy to me tomorrow, and I have a sinking feeling that is what you are going to try to do.

Let's all cross our fingers that she'll come through. I know she has a computer, and I know she knows how, for we went over it at least a dozen times in class last week, and did several samples. They've all got my college email address; those who have explored Blackboard can even contact me from there.

With email addresses, spelling counts. She learned that last week and I don't want her to learn it again tomorrow.

I know she won't have anything, but I never stop hoping.

Update: I love it sometimes when I'm wrong. Just re-checked my college email, and she did it!

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