Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Goat-Getters and Heart-Warmers

1. I have to hide the bread in the oven now because that's the only place the cats can't break into. They love bread, and the three of them can devour an entire loaf. Wednesday night, I bought a loaf of bread and hid it in the oven. The cats won't get this one, by golly, mainly because I forgot the bread was in there tonight, and I pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees. The slices were soldered together by the plastic on the top and sides, and the plastic on the bottom of the loaf melted and made little sizzly-spots on the oven floor. I scraped it all out and put a meat loaf in there to bake, for tomorrow. Now the whole house smells like baking meat loaf, melting plastic, and burning bread. Yum.

2. Belle drove over and met me at Marsh that Wednesday night, because she loves me and knew I'd buy her a few groceries wanted to be with me for a little while. She's so much fun to shop with because she has something witty/pithy/hilarious to say about almost everything on the shelves. She had me in stitches over her "Mom, I wonder why the Political Correctness Police haven't gone after the pickle people for their Sweet Midgets."

I was thinking about this tonight at WalMart; we stopped there for toothpaste and ended up buying out the store. As I walked down the pickle aisle, internally giggling over the sweet midgets from the night before, I saw one. Well, I can't actually vouch for the "sweet" part, but he was definitely a. . .well, let's just not go there, 'k? I had to push my cart a few aisles over to toilet paper and Drano before I could let go and laugh out loud, though. I do not fear the Political Correctness Police, but I know for a fact that they are a humorless, brainless, and clueless crew, with absolutely no concept of context. Such people are one of the main dangers on this planet.

3. Belle brought over her DVD's of "Psych" and I'm loving them. It's the sweet "I can fix that" guy from Holes, and some new guy who is like an even cuter Ben Stiller.

4. Call me silly and tell me I'm overreacting, and you'll be correct, but I can't help but be very upset over what a few people are still saying about these two posts. They are in the blogospheric minority but you know how it is: a few negative things can overshadow a lot of positive ones. I had no idea I was such a dreadful person. A certain blogger put my link on his blog and sent his minions here; they are not careful readers and misinterpreted me completely and drastically. My e-mail runneth over. Several of you dear people went over there and put in a good word for me, and I appreciate that VERY much, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I vowed that I would not stoop to his level and put HIS link here, but I also vowed that if I got one. more. hateful. comment, I'd do it. Well, I got it. Now I don't know what to do. If I put his link here, some of you might go over to his blog and comment, and he will twist your words, too. I don't want that to happen to any of you. It's bad enough that he and his friends don't know how to take things in context, and are not careful readers, where I am concerned, but it would be far worse if any of YOU were attacked, mentioned by name, and linked to, as well.

Maybe it's best to just let it ride. Maybe they'll get tired of me soon.

5. We have sugar-free Fudgies in the garage freezer, but I'm too tired to walk all that way.

6. Would anyone care to come over for meat loaf tomorrow? I'll scrape all the melted plastic off the bottom of the pan.

7. I wish my cd burner had un-corrupted drivers. I owe some cd's to people.

8. Someone we all know is getting married. If you go to his blog, he'll tell you all about it. I can't tell you who yet because I promised I wouldn't. But he's spilled the beans now so if you know where to go, you'll find out the good stuff. I'm so happy for him!

9. My MIL took us out for pizza tonight and everyone in the place watched in awe as six very large, very loud people tried to fit into a booth that was meant to hold four normal-size people. Everyone in the place heard these six people gripe loudly because one of their menus had a coffee stain on it. Everyone in the place watched these six people elbow and shove each other, trying to fit into the booth better. Everyone in the place heard these six people complain loudly when the high-school-age waiter told them the restaurant did not serve beer, just coke products. And everyone watched and no doubt had to sit on their hands to hold back the applause as all six of these very large people removed themselves from the booth (like corks from a bottle, it was!) and filed out the door in a huff. When the door hit the last one on the backside, everybody in the place burst out laughing.

10. I don't like having to hide things in the oven. If it's out of sight, I tend to forget it exists. When I opened the oven door to remove the ruined bread tonight, I also had to remove half a cherry pie Hub had put in there to keep the cats away from it. Fortunately, it was covered with foil, so it's still all right.

11. Come on over for dinner. No cats licked the food.

12. The latest Carnival of Education is up and running, and it's a good one, folks. Please click on over and check it out.

The end. Good night, all.


Update: Okay, THAT'S IT. Enough is enough. Please don't feed the fire, but here's the link.

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