Monday, September 24, 2007

My Computer Is, One by One, Losing Body Parts and Becoming A Shadow of Its Former Self

Honestly, I really do believe I have the Kiss of Death in my fingertips, for no matter how careful I try to be, every computer I've ever had has died a slow, lingering death. Hub says it's because I'm inadvertently downloading things, but they must be downloading themselves because I'm not doing it. Zappa says my registry has nearly 300 errors in it, in spite of Registry Mechanic that I run faithfully, and which daily assures me I'm clean. But apparently I'm not. . . .

I can't wipe it myself and re-install XP because my computer no longer recognizes my CD/R drive, and no cd will 'register' now. When I look at "My Computer," there is no cd drive there any more. Nada.

I tried to re-install my CD/R driver, but my computer is a Compaq and even though my CD/R driver is available for download, the disclaimer says to "forget it" if you have a Compaq.

How do I wipe my computer clean (everything's backed up elsewhere) and re-install XP, with no recognized CD driver on my computer?

I've been running on System Restore for a month now, because whenever I turn off my computer, the screen is blank when I turn it back on, and I have to quickly hit System Restore to get anywhere. Therefore, I don't dare turn it off.

Meanwhile, I guess I'm getting invaded by registry bugs by the hundreds, even though Registry Mechanic swears it's cleared them all out. I've had Spyware Doctor for several years, but it, too, has ceased working and whenever I try to contact them, my old Yahoo account pops up and tries to make me 'attach' something but it won't tell me what and it won't send any messages without the attachment.

I've come to the conclusion that any computer that sits on my desk becomes instantly possessed by Spirits That Mean Harm To Me.

I really don't go anywhere except my blogrolls, the occasional YouTube, and Google places. I'm not adventurous, internet-wise. I don't play games except for BookWorm and Snood, both of which are installed on my hard drive.

Any second now, the whole system is going to come crashing down again. AGAIN. Should I give up on this computer and start hanging out at the library? I can use Hub's, but he needs it in the evening so he can continue to keep the planet safe from alien attack and eternal subjugation. I've already lost most of my music, but since I can't burn cd's any more, that's a bit of a moot point, too.

Also, the fan is constantly whirring frantically and loudly, and the bandwidth is usually at 90-100% with programs I don't recognize. I'm afraid to delete anything because it might be something important.

I've been hijacked twice before. Is it happening again?

Does anybody have any advice for me?
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