Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Might Have A Few Lawn Issues

Mood over.

I feel a lot better today. I think it's because I went out late last night and cut down the tall weeds that were choking the house.

We've had so little rain that the newly-trimmed areas are already crunchy and brown but it's still better than before. When the grass gets tall, I become disoriented and embarrassed, and I picture a city block wherein every lawn is maintained except one, right smack in the middle, with grass a foot high and assorted lawn gnomes barely visible and old men in wifebeaters a-settin' on the porch with cans of beer in their hands, an ol' hound dawg under the porch peekin' out, and a couple of rusty pickup trucks up on concrete blocks, all greeting the neighborhood spokesman who is navigating to the door with a petition signed by everyone in the known universe, begging these people to mow their lawn. I guess it's safe to say that I have lawn issues.

We're driving up to the Pizzaria in a couple of hours, too. How could anybody be in a mood with that prospect before her?

I've cut my grass but I'm not going to water it. We're in the midst of a very extreme water shortage here, and UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE, I am not going to waste water on grass when people need it to drink and to shower. I've never understood people who insist on watering their lawns in the middle of a shortage. I want my grass short and trimmed but I refuse to deprive someone of a drink or a shower just so I can have my grass green. How selfish.

Pizzaria. Mmmm, don't you wish you were coming with us? So do I.

Anti-piracy warning. Johnny Depp. Heh.
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