Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where's The Old Testament Justice When We Really Need It?

I am a nice person, really I am. Ordinarily, I love people. My heart breaks for people, and I lie awake nights trying to think of some way, any way, I could have helped them, or might help them now. I've paid consequences for trying to help others, but I still do it.

There are exceptions to this mindset.

When it comes to children, I have no mercy on anyone who mistreats them. I have no compassion for anyone who abuses a child, and I honestly don't care what might have caused someone to wreak havoc on a little boy or girl. Those who touch a child sexually are not even worth a thought, for such people are not people; they are monsters.

People who cause physical harm to a child are not people, either. Monsters walk this earth, and we can tell who they are by the way they treat children.

Back in the Old Testament days, entire cultures were wiped out by God, or by something else if you'd rather, because of their deviant ways. I am rapidly coming around to this way of thinking.

Then I saw this video, and I have not been quite "at" myself since. I've been a mess. Inside my head are all kinds of scenarios, from wanting to grab this child and run BEFORE the monsters got him, to wanting to be the lucky person who gets to push the button that will wipe these monsters and all who are like them off the face of the earth, forever.

After Noah and the ark (believe what you will, and so will I) God declared that He would not interfere and wipe out any more civilizations. I really wish He would reconsider.

Cultures that nurture, encourage, and then hide monsters who feel it is their duty to harm a child do not consist of "people." Such places, such mindsets, are made up of monsters. Sub-human nothings with no hearts, and no souls. Oh, definitely, no souls. When they die, I hope they meet up with these people.

These creatures may have a Y chromosome, but they are not men. MEN don't harm children, or women either, for that matter. MEN behave themselves and show respect to all persons. MEN have nothing but scorn for Y-chromosome carriers who pretend to be MEN but who show their real selves by their actions.

Such creatures are not and never have been and never will be MEN; they are now and always will be nothing but the lowest of scum-feeding monsters. Vicious, snarling, mindless evil-doers.

God be with this precious little boy and his mother.

And I hope the monsters who did this to him find justice. Not mercy, only justice. Justice for them and for all who think and act like them. Justice.

The Old Testament kind.

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