Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Town & Country Apartments. The Ones Across From The College Mall.

Finally, FINALLY, my daughter and her friends are out of that dreadful apartment in that dreadful complex run by those dreadful people, and I use that word loosely.

I don't think it's run by 'people.' I was just being polite.

For days, Belle has been scrubbing and polishing and re-painting. Yesterday and today, I drove up to help her. It wasn't easy, either, in an apartment that was so hot, the new paint wouldn't stick to the walls.

You read it right: the apartment was so hot, the paint would not stick to the walls.

With perseverance, determination, and a lot of naughty language, the apartment was turned into something anybody's daughter would be proud to call home, as long as she didn't mind living in Hell.

When the succubus apartment representative came this morning for the final walk-through, Belle was dumbfounded to learn that her efforts were simply not good enough; her apartment's grooming was rated 'inferior' and the word 'dirty' was said aloud. Not true.

Then again, what basis for rating would a person who worked for Town & Country Apartments and saw nothing wrong with its filthy hallways, non-existent ventilation system, and garbage-filled pool every day have?

Belle was so exhausted and so in shock from the verdict and so sleep-deprived, that she signed it. Her roommate is going in to their office in the morning to argue their case. They won't win, because Town & Country Apartments is well-known for being unreasonable, oblivious, and insensitive. The word "dirty" comes to mind; is there an echo in here?

Parents, if your children are planning to attend Indiana University in Bloomington, and you are seeking an apartment for them, do NOT allow your child to sign a contract with Town & Country Apartments. The location is good, their silver tongues are out (unless you're already a tenant) but please believe me when I tell you that nothing I say about them is an exaggeration. These people are the absolute WORST businesspeople I've ever dealt with. Bad, bad people.

Hub is frantic lest we be sued, but I'm past caring. When the room is so hot the paint won't stick to the walls, "someone" is a horse's ass, and that someone, in this case, is the landlord. And when that same landlord threatens a tenant with a large re-painting bill, "someone" is a spawn of Satan, and that someone is also the landlord.

Please, Town & Country Apartments, I wish you WOULD contact me. I've got something to say to you, and I don't think you'd like it. I know you don't care; you proved that these past six years by treating my daughter and her friends like this, so I take this opportunity to tell the Blogosphere the truth about you.

Parents who are going to shell out the big bucks to some lucky apartment complex in Bloomington, Indiana: the one to avoid is Town & Country Apartments, on Kingston Drive, just across the street from the College Mall.

I'm serious. Let your child live in a tent on Dunn Meadow and bathe in the creek, rather than submit him/her to the indigity and intense heat and shabby treatment that Town & Country Apartments are so famous for.

Look them up on the 'net, if you don't believe me. I wish I had done that before I allowed my kids to move there.

Zappa has his walk-through tomorrow morning at 11:15. I've been helping him scrub and sweep, too. I didn't quite finish tonight, and had planned to do that in the morning before the walk-through. I'm still driving back up there in the morning to help him load his final few things, but will we char like there's no tomorrow, as we did for Belle?

Oh HELLZnah. If Town & Country is going to label Belle's hospital-fresh apartment "dirty," then they might as well do the same for Zappa's, and do the scrubbing themselves. I'm done with them.

That's Town & Country Apartments, on Kingston Drive, right across the street from the College Mall. The landscaping is new, and the maintenance guys are, wonder of wonders, working on the air conditioning units in front of (coincidence, I'm sure) the main office, but don't think for a minute that your child's apartment will be endurable, because it won't be.

If you want more details, I'd be happy to oblige. Anything to save someone else's child from the hell my children have lived through in this horrible place.
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