Friday, August 17, 2007

Sharing Isn't Always A Good Thing!!!!

When I worked at that BBQ restaurant a few years ago, I all but did an English Butler imitation, so I'd get the big tips, and most of the time, I did. At the end of the shift, I added up all my tickets and emptied my big waiter-pockets of the right amount of cash, and whatever was left was mine to keep, and believe me, I kept it. I took home more in tips each night than I made hourly.

What I have never understood, and in fact it makes me really, really angry, are restaurants that have a tip jar, where each waiter is required to deposit his/her tips. At the end of the shift, the money in the jar is distributed equally among the waiters.


Doesn't it mean that bad, lazy waiters who don't DESERVE tips at all, will then get the EXACT SAME amount that the hard-working, diligent waiters get? How basely, how grossly, unfair is THAT?

Also, any restaurant that pays less than minimum wage, counting on tips to even things out, has evil, Satanic managers. And if that same restaurant also has a tip jar, then even Hell wouldn't want the managers.

Is there a website that lists restaurants who do this? I would love to see the list, so I could avoid those places, completely and entirely. Poor servers don't deserve to be tipped, and excellent servers deserve BIG tips. As for being required to share the tips, that is criminal.

Why, a society that condones such horrendous doings would probably approve of schools that mandate community supplies. . . .after all, everybody is the same, and nobody has the right to have more or better things than anybody else. If you're hardworking and industrious and honest, that just means you should be happy to kick in for those who aren't. Right?

Apparently, it is.

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