Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm Cheap, But I Ain't Free. Probably.

Why? Why do I have to go back to system restore, via safe mode, over and over again? What am I doing wrong that is upsetting my computer this badly?

I am amazed by people who regularly wash their cars. Where do they find the time? Isn't that what rain is for?

We haven't had much rain this summer, which is why the grass is brown and crunchy and I have no roses, but even so.

I am amazed by people who regularly run their cars through the automatic carwash. That thing costs TEN BUCKS. I have never in my life ever had ten bucks to "throw away" on washing my car. If I had ten bucks, I would waste it on something like, oh, say, food. Or something for my kids.

Ten dollars for the carwash. Wow.

I know I'm extraordinarily cheap, to the degree that people sometimes point and laugh, but I just can not imagine spending ten dollars to have my car washed. That's forty dollars a month!

Sorry. When you've never had any money, and now you've got less, it's easy to become flabbergasted by simple normal expenditures more because I know I can't have them, than for any other reason.

But you know, if I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn't change much about my life, other than getting out of debt so I could sleep at night, and eating out in nice restaurants all the time.

By "nice restaurant," I am referring to one that doesn't have a drive-through window.
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