Monday, August 06, 2007

Big Shef Burgers: None Better, and They're Back!

When I was a kid, I watched Cowboy Bob on WTTV, Channel 4, before it sold out and became the WB. Cowboy Bob was a local hero; when he told you it was time to go take a nap, by golly, little kids got up and went into their bedrooms and took a nap.

Mom wasn't so easily wooed, though. She would never buy any of the cool things Cowboy Bob told us to go out and buy. He told kids to drink Choc-cola, but my mother refused to buy it, even after Yoo-hoo acquired it. I did finally get a sip at a friend's house once, and it was vile. He told kids to eat Jiffy-pop popcorn, but Mom wouldn't buy that, either. Before I die, I want to make some Jiffy-pop. I'm not interested in eating it; I just want to watch it swell up like a huge alien brain-in-a-frying-pan, and stick it with a pin.

Cowboy Bob also told kids to eat at Burger Queen, Burger King, and Burger Chef. Yes, there really was a Burger Queen back then, complete with Queenie Bee, who was a slightly creepy woman in a bee costume, who 'buzzed' around the Burger King because apparently they were a couple. Ick. But it was Burger Chef that was the coolest. Burger Chef and Jeff. I loved them.

Big Shef burgers absolutely rocked. None better.

On the way home from Mom's birthday party tonight, Hub and I stopped at Hardee's. We NEVER go to Hardee's; it's not that we dislike it or anything; it's just that it's across the street from a middle school and we hate to buck big crowds of kids when we don't absolutely have to.

But people, Hardee's has BIG SHEF burgers! Apparently, they acquired all the Burger Chef "stuff" and they'll be featuring it occasionally, and tonight we got BIG SHEF burgers! They were just as good as I remembered, too.

I think people remember with their taste buds, sometimes.

For about forty minutes tonight, we were kids, having a Big Shef burger. It rocked.

P.S. I have no idea why Burger Chef burgers were spelled Shef instead of Chef.
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