Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Post Where I Tell You All How I Help Keep WalMart Inefficient

I am not a WalMart fan. I'll say it right out.

This town has one of the largest Super WalMarts in the world. Seriously, we do. I still don't care for it.

Oh, I go. (Hula, I GO!) And I always find bargains. (2GB memory cards for $14.95!!!!) But I think what I hate most about WalMart is the waiting.

Today, Hub and I went to WalMart to buy milk, two flats of petunias, and kitty litter. (The Three Graces poop a lot. . . .)

We waited in line at the checkout for over twenty minutes, and it did not move. There was one poor little cashier working the checkouts in the outdoor/garden section, and she was held captive by an old man who couldn't accept the fact that his potting soil coupon wasn't viable. He would not budge, and neither did the long, long line of customers. Several gave up, abandoned their carts, and left the store. Nobody came to help this lady, even though she called for help several times.

We finally went back to the main part of the store and tried to find an open checkout there. Out of about thirty registers, three were open, and all three had lines backed up to Kingdom Come. There were employees everywhere, and nobody to run a register.

This is the same WalMart where, a few weeks ago, Hub watched a grown man have a meltdown over the long lines and ridiculous delays. This man went berserk, in fact, and a WalMart manager actually showed his face and called the police. In this town, it was big news.

Not the berserk customer. The WalMart MANAGER who was actually spotted!

I hate it when frustrated people abuse the cashiers, though. Hey, it's not their fault. Leave them alone!!!!!! They're working as fast as they can, and it's certainly no fun wondering how the next customer is going to yell and place blame and use potty words, just because the cashier is the only handy WalMart representative around. Shame, people.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is, unless maybe it's to laugh at Hub and me a little bit, because, for all of our raised eyebrows and whispered opinions and little games of send-the-manager-to-hell while we waited, the fact remains that we waited, and WalMart got our money anyway.

As long as that keeps happening, why would they hire more cashiers?
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