Monday, May 21, 2007

There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.

Here we go again.

There I was, sitting right here right next to where I'm sitting now, typing away because that is my JOB and also because I love it and writing means more to me than it meant to Emily Starr * even, and I looked up to see that my monitor had turned whiter than the little wisps of hair by my ears. Just, white. Not black, as my monitor usually gets when my computer dies and eats all my music and files as it descends into hell, but snow white.

And it won't come back.

It tried, but before I could hit F10 and recover anything, it went white again. And again. And again.

Now it doesn't TURN white, it's white when it comes on.

So, I unplugged everything and carried it gently into the living room and placed it beside the piano and my huge hideous ten-ton black leather purse-which-looks-like-a-saddlebag, not to be confused with the big ones I carry all the time, and tomorrow I'll take it to Jack and Linda at the computer repair store; you know, where they know me by name because I've spent half my life there. . . .

And I'll beg them to revive it. I'll get down on my knees if they ask me to. I've got all my passwords and log-ins stored on it and I don't remember what they are. Magic Jack, I'm remembering to say "please" and "thank you." Mom says those are magic words.

Hub is letting me use his computer in the meantime, and I appreciate it mightily, but I can update my business blogs and do my 'thangs' elsewhere on the internet only from the computer that knows my logins and passwords. Yes, I know I should have written them down somewhere else. No, I don't think anybody else knows them.

And if my computer, which is only two years old for crying out loud, is really dead, you will all hear me wailing like Westley in the Pit of Despair. And without Mandy Patinkin and Billy Crystal to fix me. **

Although, Mandy, if you were to stop by to 'fix' me. . . . .

Okay, never mind.

Wahhhhh, my computer whited out on me. And I think it's all dead this time.

Stupid computer.

*Bonus points if you understand this reference.

**No bonus points for this one because everybody should know it.
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