Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This Cat Had Better Not Die Any Time Soon, That's All I'm Sayin'

The new Carnival of Education is up, over at The Education Wonks. Click over there RIGHT NOW and see what your children's teachers are saying. Failure to keep current forfeits all whining rights.

Charley Gordon has been ailing so I let him stay inside the house during the incredible windstorm tonight. I thought I heard him in the kitchen, but I didn't really pay much attention until I heard the bag of trash give way.

When I got in there, the floor was covered with bits of multi-colored eggshell. And I, fastidious housekeeper that I am, just turned around and came right back to my Skype conversation, because a conversation with a friend is more important than an eggshell-covered floor, any day. Or night, as the case may be.

Friends first; housekeeping second.

That's not a score; it's a priority list.

Charley Gordon is almost fifteen years old. He's been ailing, so we took him to the vet yesterday. AFTER it was all over (I'd never seen anyone draw blood from a cat before) and he'd been tested for everything under the sun, I got a little bag of medication and a bill for. . . . .$237.00. I almost wet my pants.

But Charley Gordon has been with us longer than many of your children have been with you. We're pretty fond of him. When our kids come home, they go for the cat before they acknowledge us. This cat has given us many years of pleasure, so I guess a little maintenance is a small price to pay. Except that it was not a small price.

Tomorrow, my cousin C and I are having lunch with our respective mothers. We're as excited as if it were Christmas morning! Our mothers are sisters and C and I are best friends as well as cousins, and we anticipate a good time. That might not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but to C and me, it's a Big One. I'd explain why in detail but it would take too long. Plus, you'd all think I was weirder than I actually am.

Skype is a really cool invention. I might love it. And when you're talking to a really dear friend on it, it becomes more than just an invisible internet telephone. It really does turn the room into a cozy place to chat with a friend, and the friend's voice seems so near and clear, it's like you're really in the same room with him! What a cool invention.

And now, I'd best find my broom (no comments on where I might have parked it, please) and clean up the cat's mess.

Did I mention that I have Skype now? You know, in case someone wanted to call me?

On the bright side, I can now brag to people that I own a really valuable cat. Or, rather, that he owns us.

I say "he" but the truth is, Charley Gordon's gender issues were resolved years ago. But hah, tell that to all the girlycats around here.
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