Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lucky People

Yesterday was one of those genuinely thrilling days, for I met one of my precious internet friends in person! The beauteous Kim, of Catawampus fame, honored me with her presence. You heard it right here, folks: Kim Voynar, film critic, mother-of-many-beautiful-children, wife of the Zero Boss himself, came to my house.

And, of course, the house was a mess. I'm really embarrassed about that, especially when I realized that the big bathroom floor had dirty underwear on it. Sorry about that, Kim.

Almost as soon as we got here we, of course, went online to see who was there so I could brag about having Kim here we could talk with them. First to ping us was, naturally, Kim's husband Jay, making sure Kim had arrived safely. Then we found Genuine, and talked to him for quite a while. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, as quoteth King Mongut. . . .

And we ate some Mexican food and talked some more. And then we talked a little more.

Let me tell you something, internets. What we've got here is an incredible woman who knows what love really is. Her husband and children are fortunate indeed to have her. Her visit was an honor and a hoot. She's fantastic. FANTASTIC. Sincere and pithy and loving and honest and, well, fantastic. Lucky Jay. Lucky kids. Lucky me.

Then she had to go back to her film festival and be all famous and glam and stuff again. You know, hang out with Spielberg and Ebert and Ralph Fiennes and Emma Thompson and Shrek and C3PO and Colin Firth and people like me that. And relax in a hotel room with a clean bathroom floor.

And that sweet Mexican waiter who fell in love with Kim and couldn't stop pointing to and talking about her gorgeous huge eyes? He was sorta cute himself.

Come back soon, Kim. Bring Jay and the kids, and your sweet MIL who is another of my beloved internet friends. Plan to stay a while.
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