Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Scenic Town

This town has a lot of interesting places, but only a few of them are on the internet as an official interesting place.

One official interesting place, however, is the yard of a local gentleman who, because of his rather outspoken viewpoints on every issue under the sun, mostly the ones that are none of his business various issues, has been banned from almost every church, public meeting, and school function. Therefore, to present his side, he props up big slabs of drywall in his yard and spray-paints his opinions on them for the world to see.

This man doesn't care who he offends, either. He posts people's names in his yard, along with terrible slurs and what many people would call 'libel.' Many people and a book of law, in fact.

Sometimes, he puts a big sign or two in the bed of his pickup truck, and drives around town to bring his opinions to the people. He likes to park in a big busy parking lot so he can share his POV with others.

Not everyone approves of his opinions, of course. That has never prevented this gentleman from posting them. I guess his yard is his blog. And if you think some of these signs are offensive, you ain't seen NOTHING yet. He used to live in a a house that belonged to the yard, but the house was condemned and torn down. He lives somewhere else now, but he drives over to the yard and updates the signs every few days. You know, as if the signs were a. . . blog.

I would arrange these pictures artistically, but I have no idea how to place them; I just know how to click on the Blogger picture icon to post a pic. Where it appears is pot luck. Well, if you're me. YOU probaby know how to do it right. And even though you're snickering and wondering how a community could allow a mess like this right in the middle of town. . . . . well, many people have wondered that for many years. But it's still there. And when you come to visit me, you'll ask to see this yard, too. Everybody does.

I'll post about the haunted pyramid some day.

(One of my students had to explain what "3825-U" meant.)

See? Pyramid.
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