Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We'll All Throw Together, When We Throwwwwww.

The latest Carnival of Education is up, over at History Is Elementary. Click on over there and get current on what educators and parents are thinking about and doing these days. Next week, maybe some of you could contribute something of your own! And well you should, too.

I've got class in an hour and I'm really, really tired, but I hardly think I'll get up and walk out because I "can't keep my eyes open." Unlike the boy in my Monday afternoon class, who was in such a hurry to leave after the first break that he didn't even ask if he could take the quiz first. Which is fine, because even if he had, he still wouldn't be passing because he so seldom comes to class. It was the gall of the whole thing that sort of blew us all away. And that teacher (oh, she so mean) who fired her empty plastic Diet Coke bottle at the door, well, that was coincidental. It was empty and she was aiming for the wastebasket, but it was highly satisfactory to see it hit the door and bounce off. So, yeah, that student left early. I told him I'd try to be a little more interesting and he took that seriously and said it wouldn't matter because he'd had a late night and just needed a nap RIGHT NOW. I don't think I could have, or would have, ever just gotten up and walked out of a class for any reason but an emergency that involved gushes of blood or chest pains, and if my classmates were discussing sex biases in various societal levels, CARNivals, the historical origins of the word 'fuck,' and Shakespearian fragments (giggle) I think I would have stuck around for it and called an ambulance for myself later. He was supposed to be in my class yesterday, too, but he never made it at all for that one. As usual.

I'd had a late night, too, involving Belle and the electrical system in her car which just went completely OFF as she was driving down the road at midnight, and I was still on the road at 2 a.m., and 3, but I made it to class and managed to stay awake. But then maybe I'm just Supergirl grown up.

I was kidding: I'll never grow up. But sometimes I put on a good front, and I think it's high time this student learned to do that, too. But oh well. Life is full of choices. He is choosing to nap rather than go to class, and whatta you bet he'll ask for extensions and privileges when it comes grade time. I'll keep you posted.

I have a weakness for green seedless grapes. Somebody make me stop.

Also, I had never heard of a weather condition called "frozen fog advisory." We're having one as I type; I haven't looked out the windows yet because I'm fundamentally lazy, but it doesn't sound all that safe.

This semester, I've got the best schedule I've ever had. I thought last semester's schedule was the best I'd ever had but it was just the practice best; this semester is the best. But when you love your job, absolutely LOVE your job, I supposed most any schedule would be the best schedule.

But this semester's schedule is fantastic. Heck, I don't even go to work on M and W until 1:30 p.m. Mmm, college.

Get these grapes away from me.

Looking more closely at the bowl, it might be too late.

I'm rambling, so I'll stop, and go get ready for class now. I hope I can stay awake; I had a late night last night, too. Yawn. This guest presenter from the main campus had better be really good, because it's his JOB to keep me awake. Right?

Nothing is my fault; it must all come from the OUTSIDE.
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