Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Thinker, by Rodin. I mean, by me.

Wow! ElementaryHistoryTeacher has tagged me as a "Thinking Blogger." Thank you so much; I am very flattered and humbled. I never really considered myself to be anybody who mattered all that much. That somebody thinks I do means a lot to me. Thank you, ElementaryHistoryTeacher.

And now, according to the rules, I am supposed to tag five other bloggers who make me think. This is difficult, because ALL of my blogroll makes me think, in one way or another. Therefore, I shall limit my tags to bloggers who make me think great things. No, wait, that's most of them, too. Hmm. Okay, here are five blogs that make me analyze the human condition and strive to make it better. Plus, they update regularly and very, very often.

1. The Education Wonks. This blog always has relevant and helpful posts, and Ed himself is the instigator of the Carnival of Education, wherein he solicits posts and opinions about our kids and our schools so that we can all become enlightened about new, and old, things that make education in this country important.

2. Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred. The three good doctors are learned and snarky and kind, and whenever I read their posts, I feel smarter. They are definitely not objective, but that's just one of many reasons why I love them.

3. NYC Educator. He teaches in New York, and I teach in Indiana, but the problems in our public schools are universal. NYC Educator is not afraid to expose them. I greatly admire his courage and dedication.

4. Siempre Fiel. This blog is a recent discovery for me, but how did I ever manage without it? I absolutely love it. Check out the "Pan's Labyrinth" review. On this recommendation alone, I MUST SEE THIS FILM. Plus, I love how she enjoys the occasional 'quickie' in her classroom.

5. A Mark On My Wall. If you have not yet discovered the incredible Vicki, please click and do it before the sun goes down. Her writing is wonderful, and the pictures she posts are works of art. That Vicki even knows my name makes me feel like 'somebody.' I adore her.

6. House of Fame. This is number six, I know, and doesn't really count, but how could I ever leave out this amazing blog, the likes of which none of you has ever seen before? I guess it's the Literature geek in me, but I absolutely adore this blog.

And now, according to the rules, each of my nominated five must (only if you wish to, of course) nominate five blogs that make you think.

Please do it. You get to display this cool icon and everything.

Thank you so very much, ElementaryHistoryTeacher. You have, as Clint would say, made my day. You have made my day.
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