Friday, February 02, 2007

It's TIME: "Best of Blogs" Is Open For Nominations

Okay, everybody head over to the BOB's website and nominate your favorite blogs. The categories are all listed, and it's easy as pie to do.

I met some of my bestest internet friends via the BoB's, and many of the blogs in my blogroll came from previous BoB nominees. It's a wonderful way to discover some really good reading.

Let's all try to remember a few things about the Bob's. First of all, the intents are to give some traffic to lesser-known blogs, to share some of our own personal favorites (the ones other bloggers might not be aware of) with the rest of us, and to be civil about it.

NO WHINING! It seems as though every year, someone finds offense at something or other and spoils the whole atmosphere of the thing by their constant complaining and taunting. To those people I have only this to say: Grow up.

Then, too, there are those people who, every year, fail to read the directions and try to nominate big-name bloggers. NO, NO, NO! That's not what the BoB's are all about!

We want you to nominate blogs that everybody doesn't already know about. We want to help them build up their hit traffic and get some readers. We want to help each other discover new and awesome blogs that deserve to be read.

Don't nominate Dooce. Don't nominate Rosie O'Donnell. Don't nominate Wil Wheaton. These are great blogs, yes, but they don't need us to promote them.

Nominate that blog you discovered a few weeks ago, the one you'd never heard of before, you know, that blog by that unknown blogger, that made you laugh out loud, or cry, or spit coffee all over your monitor. Let the rest of us know about it, so we can go there and spit on our monitors, too.

You're not supposed to nominate yourself, either. You can VOTE for yourself, later on, but nominate someone other than yourself. I look at the site a moment ago, and there were some people who apparently didn't read the rules.

I can't mention this part too many times: If you are going to throw a fit and spew venom all over the internet if your boyfriend's blog doesn't win, and make fun of us for wanting to help the 'little guys' to build up a readership base, or go ballistic if there's a glitch in the voting process, please learn some manners, or stay away. The BoB's are run by some very nice people who are working harder than you will ever realize, to promote friendship among bloggers, to create camaraderie among bloggers, and to help us all discover some of the buried treasure that's out there on the internet.

If you know where some gold is buried, please let us all know. Click on over to the BoB's website and make some nominations.

If the blog you love and wish to nominate doesn't seem to 'fit' into any of the categories, please nominate it anyway! Try to fit it into the category that comes closest. We were limited, as to number of categories, by forces outside our control. Forces, I'm tellin' ya.

There really aren't very many rules, but if you would all take just a minute to read what few rules we do have, it would prevent many a problem in the future. Thanks.

P.S. What do you get if you win? Ohhhh, I don't know. . . . maybe, something in. . . . VEGAS?
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