Friday, January 19, 2007

She Is Marching One, Two Three, Please Can You Tell Me Who Is She?

This was my day off and, looking back on it, I don't think I did a single productive thing.

In other words, it was a great day off.

The laundry is piling up and the countertops are cluttered (that drives me MAD) (not mad enough to do anything about it today, though) and there's a dirty cookie sheet in the kitchen sink (okay, that was one productive thing) and I wrote my name in the dust on the screen of the chick-flick tv in the kitchen (I thought Bill Pullman was looking a little fuzzy tonight) but all I really did today was drive to town to have lunch at the Big Lots Chinese with Hub, and then come back home to read, watch a couple of movies, and blog.

Tomorrow, we're going to see The Chieftains with Belle; she got us tickets for our anniversary and birthday. I do love me some Chieftains. I only wish Brak could be on stage to sing "I'll Tell Me Ma" with them.

Hi, Brak!

Oh, and I made a big pan of cocktail meatballs (I love to say that; it sounds so naughty) just because I felt like it. Usually, I only make those for parties but I figured, hey, I'm worth a pan of cocktail meatballs even in my jammies.

COCKTAIL MEATBALLS. Any takers? Ooh, shame on you! Come on over.

P.S. I also made brownies.

P.P.S. Not a bad day, I must say. Even for an elitist educational snob who makes little children memorize things, thinks teachers who don't assign any homework at all are lazy and intellectually lacking, and occasionally calls herself a 'Grammar Nazi' even though it makes people who don't understand the concept of 'context' faint dead away. It might even be said that I enjoy doing that.

P.P.P.S. On second thought, there ain't no 'might' about it.
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