Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Normality is Overrated Anyway

I'm nominating Pastor Jeff for the Perfect Post Award this month. MommaK and Lucinda do this each month, and each month I fully intend to participate, and I have, a time or two, but mostly? I forget. I blame my age the footprints on the moon.

Well, I'm not forgetting this time. Jeff has a knack for telling a good story, and after you've finished reading it, guess what, you've probably learned something important.

I've learned plenty from Jeff. I encourage all of you to go there and do likewise. Regularly.


December was a good month. It most usually is, or if it's not I pretend it is, because I love all the planning and list-making and preparation for Christmas. I love finding out what people would like to have, and trying to get it for them. If I ever won the lottery, I'd probably blow it in a year, giving people things.

The month also had its share of surprises, such as finding out that a dear friend had gotten secretly married FOUR MONTHS EARLIER. Another was that the Slutty MomCat who liked to drop litters behind my holly bushes but who hated all humans and liked to draw blood if someone tried to touch her, became suddenly loving and sweet. Then there was the unpleasant surprise that our septic system had for us, down in the 'fingers.'


I think maybe the biggest December surprise was the weather. Warm, sunny, spring-like weather for Christmas. In the sixties! How funky, not needing a coat to go outdoors in winter.

The ground is mushy and soft. The rosebushes still have green leaves. I have one purple blooming petunia on the deck. It's like April outside.

Some of the flowering shrubs are so confused, they're putting out buds.

Warm rain in winter. It ain't normal, I'm tellin' ya.

Kind of like me, I guess.
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