Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Here's Looking At Us Both

How come I can't comment on anybody's blog lately? What's up with that? "Timed out" is all I get.

Day three of the new semester is here and I go to class in a few minutes..

I've met with three classes so far and so far? Sweet. Very nice, mostly older, people. Most of them seem very determined to learn and very glad to be in school. Most of them have just lost the only job they've ever had, since high school, and they are very nervous about being in a classroom again. I plan to be gentle with their fears, and hardnosed about their scholarly obligations. School is now their job, and just as they HAD to be at work, they now HAVE to be in class.

Absence rate? About 60% in each class. Go figure. We've had a quiz already and those who weren't there, got a zero.

Next week, I've already got people who have to: go to court during our class, go to the dentist during our class, pick someone up at the airport during our class, pick up someone at the jail and take him home during our class, and meet a Workforce counselor during our class.

The girl who is going to be missing because she's got chemo? I'm going to let her make it all up. I'm strict but I'm not completely heartless. Just a little heartless.

Because, you know, life is full of choices, and a good choice would be to meet obligations willingly signed up for. These classes all have waiting lists, and anyone who doesn't plan to take it seriously should give the space to someone who would.

Now, I'm off to class. I peeked at the roster last night and there are only two people I've had before, and I'm kind of shy about meeting new people even when I'm supposed to be in charge.

Remember that about your own and your children's teachers, if you would, please. We are people, too, and often we are as shy and nervous about meeting you, as you are about meeting us.

Remember, too, that while I will, indeed, be looking at you, ALL of you will be looking at me, and I have a very low opinion of my personal appearance, and you are all beautiful, and it makes me self-conscious.

Let us all have mercy on each other.
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