Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I hate you and your ASS FACE

I stopped to get some gas yesterday. I generally wait until I have to coast up to the pump on fumes, because A. I never have any money and B. I don't pay attention until the fuel light comes on and scares me to death.

I stopped for two reasons. The 'low fuel' light came on and I nearly jumped out of my skin, and as I coasted by the filling station, I saw that gas was a mere $2.06. (I remember when gas was a mere .29 but we won't go there.) All I had was a ten so that's how much I got. WHILE I WAS STANDING IN LINE TO PAY, the guy who changes the price on the sign came in, and we all heard him say to the clerk, "Let me know when the lot is clear so I can change the price."

Some people ran out and filled their tanks right then. I would have, but all I had was a ten.

Then we all heard the price- gouging changer-guy tell the clerk that it was a shame about all the drive-aways because that was one reason the prices were going up.

I know that people who drive-away at a gas station are far too stupid to be bloggers, but if any of you have a wuthless bum neighbor or relative who might do such a thing, please tell him or her that everybody in the universe despises them. Use small words so that kind of person will be sure to understand.

Thanks a lot, bums. $2.06 when I went in, $2.18 when I came out. And it's partly YOUR FAULT, and I hate you and your ASS FACE.
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