Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fifi: A Love Story

She looks pretty good to be 29 years old and full of superglue, doesn't she.

A few years ago, I thought I would try something new, so I put a twinkly-lights-covered star on top of my tree. It was beautiful, but after a few days, I took it down and hung it from the bannister, down into the landing, and put Fifi back in her rightful place.

Beauty isn't enough. It never is.

Fifi is supposed to perch on the top of the tree by jamming the tiptop of the tree into the hole underneath her skirt, but I only tried once. It just didn't feel right to be doing that. I mean, look at that face; I just couldn't do that. Let's not go there, okay? Is that a siren I hear?

So now I tie her to the tree with fishing line. Why that makes me feel better, I'm not sure, because one is almost as pervy as the other, but even so.

We found Fifi at a Hallmark store that is no longer there, well after our first married Christmas, for less than half price, which, back then, was just a couple of bucks. I've since tried to find other Fifis on Ebay, because it's the only thing on our tree that my children actually want, but only an idiot would pay that much. Apparently, I've got a rarity. Who knew?

I've spent this afternoon mostly in the kitchen, baking. I'm not artistic, but I am colorful.

Come over, and stay a while. We've got lots of cookies and other goodies. Nobody leave my house hungry.

My children aren't here yet, but I expect them at any time. Once they are here, it will really be Christmas for me.

Dear internet friends, friends who are as dear to me as any friend I've actually seen, I hope all of you are happy tonight. I hope your families are together, and everyone is speaking, and that love is ever a part of all your lives, tonight and always.

And, if I may, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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