Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Dirties Eat Out

My Cousin C and I went to the city today, where we did a little shopping, hung out in a doctor's office, did a little more shopping, and finally had to take a little rest in a Chick-Fil-A while our enthusiasm caught up with our age.

In the booth next to us, a woman and two little girls ate politely, conversed quietly, cleaned up their clutter, and left.

In the booth next to them, a woman and two little kids-of-unknown-sexes ate loudly, conversed hysterically, and left. Notice please that I left out 'cleaned up their clutter,' because they did NOT clean up after themselves.

That woman left the booth a disgusting mess. Oh, she gathered up the easy stuff, the paper mess, but she left the real mess all over the table and seats: played-with food all over the tabletop, mashed unidentifiable ick all over the seats, and an aura of UNCLEAN in their wake. Person after person came up to the empty booth, but recoiled when they saw the filth this woman left behind. The restaurant was so busy, it was a while before someone was able to devote that much time to cleaning up after The Dirties.

Sometimes, I agree with Bill Engvall. THOSE people need to wear a sign.

I used to take my two toddlers out to eat on occasion. Yes, tiny children often make messes, and yes, it is often hectic to deal with them, and yes, it can make a person frantic. Are any of these things legit enough to justify creating a mess in a public place and walking away from it? No, they are not. What kind of person would do that?

I wonder what this woman's house looks like? Never mind, I think I know.

Sometimes, a mess is inevitable. Not cleaning it up is inexcusable. And if the server tells you not to worry, tip him. Big. But to trash the place and slink out, leaving it all behind you? Nice people just don't do that.

Sure, someone is paid to clean up the place, but they are not paid enough; at least, they shouldn't be expected to have to clean up someone's disgusting children's disgusting aftermath.

People with no table manners should eat at home.
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