Monday, December 11, 2006

Best of Blogs 2006!

It's that time again, bloggers.  It's time to look over your blogrolls and pick out some blogs that you personally believe are superior, but that most people might not know about.
In other words, it's time for the BOB'S!!  The Best of Blog Awards 2006!
Please, everyone click over to the BOB'S and nominate all those wonderful blogs that everybody would love, if only we knew about them.  YOU know about them, so please share with us all.
This is not a popularity contest.  Don't nominate Dooce or Wil Wheaton or any blog that's already well-known.  Did everyone read that carefully?  NO BLOGS THAT ARE ALREADY WELL KNOWN!!!
The main purpose of the BOB'S is to give some great bloggers some exposure that they might not have gotten otherwise.  We all have people in our blogrolls who are fantastic writers and put out a wonderful blog regularly, but nobody seems to know about them except us.  Well, those are exactly what we're looking for!  Nominate those really, really good blogs and then sit back and watch their hits soar.
Now, listen carefully, because I mean business here.  If you are a person who finds fault with pretty much everything, back off right now.  If your best friend didn't win anything last year, and you're still mad about it, get a life.  There are some pretty nasty people out there, and several of them ended up on last year's BOB comments, whining and griping and complaining and making accusations and pretty much making the people who worked really hard putting this together so the 'little people' can get some recognition, feel like two cents.  If you are one of those people, shame on you, and if you are still fuming over not getting your own way last year, volunteer to help this year or shut the hell up!  Sheesh, few things are more disgusting than a person who miraculously finds the time to complain and taunt and deliberately hurt somebody's feelings, yet won't put in any time to help make something better or give a guy a helping hand.  Those people who can't stop complaining about their favorite big-name blogger not being eligible, please read the instructions carefully.  It's not a popularity contest!  It's a way of getting some great blogs that nobody knows about, into the public eye.
If you don't like the way the BOB'S operate, don't hang out on the website.  It's not rocket science.
Genuine puts more effort into this 'small-blogger recognition' thing than any of you could ever possibly realize.  He deserves praise and help, not condemnation.  Shylah works harder than many of you ever will, helping to put the BOB'S together.  I don't want to read or hear about anybody putting them down, or making fun, or taunting, or calling names, or any other mean childish stunt that might show the world what a creep the name-caller is, but might also hurt Jim and Shylah.
There might be glitches.  We don't know yet.  But if there are, for heaven's sake, don't get all in a wad over it.  You nice people wouldn't BELIEVE some of the things the creeps said last year, and, yes, the year before, and the year before, too.  Some people just don't have it in them to be understanding, I guess.
Speaking of help, if you're interested in helping some small-time bloggers get some attention, click over to the BOB site and volunteer.
Did I mention that the winners this year will get prizes that are FANTASTIC!  I can't divulge any information yet but holy SCHEISSE, you'll all be blown away when you find out.  Jeebers.
The prizes are so cool, I get chills when I think of them.
Heh.  Cool.  Chills.  I'm good.
So come on, everybody.  Play.  Nominate someone who has a great blog but who is relatively unknown.  There are some pretty big blogs out there right now that got their start with these very same BOB awards.  The next one could be yours, or your friend's. 
Remember now, don't nominate a blog that's already well-known.  This whole thing is intended to give some readership to blogs that are not already big.
Some of them will BE big before this is over, but right at first?  This is for us little people.
Thankyouverymuch.  Let the nominations begin.
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