Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Scary MixMania Playlist

I've been a few days without updating; I'm sorry 'bout that. I've been brooding over my student, and it just took all the wind out of me.

Patriside, the MixMeister, says that it's time to post our Scary Mixmania playlists! So, here's mine. I sent my match two cd's, but I've forgotten where one ends and the other begins. Again, sorry.

Scary Mixmania

1. The Wind That Shakes The Barley – Dead Can Dance (Does anyone else think that a lot of Celtic songs are a little scary? I love them, but SCARY.)

2. Let Me Fall – Josh Groban (The suicide song from Cirque du Soleil; I love it.)

3. O Death – Ralph Stanley (What could be scarier than a redneck bigot?)

4. Misery – TransSiberian Orchestra (from Beethoven’s Last Night) (I tend to find a TransSiberian Orchestra selection to fit almost any theme.)

5. Forgive Me Love – Alanis Morisette (Don't mess with me. I've done this.) (Scared?)

6. When Doves Cry – Quinton Tarver (Let's all be just like our parents. )

7. On My Own – Bernadette Peters (I cry out loud whenever I hear this song. I know what's going to happen to her. And in a year or so, I'm going to be hearing it on stage again, I understand.)

8. La Dance Macabre (No Scary Mix is complete without it.)

9. It’s Too Late – Carole King (This expression is one of the scariest of all, by my way of thinking.)

10. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Clock Tower (I just think it's frightening.)

11. Someone Else’s Story – from Chess (This song scares the scheiss out of me.)

12. The Raven – Christopher Walken (Christopher Walken? Edgar Allen Poe? 'Nuff said.)

13. Gangster’s Paradise – Coolio (All gang stuff is scary.)

14. Creep - Damien Rice (I love this song, but it's scary, and Damien Rice's cover makes it even scarier.

15. Quentin’s Theme – Boston Pops (Remember "Dark Shadows?" Well, I was a little kid, and I thought it was darn scary.) (This is not, however, a very good version of the theme. )

16. The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most – Dashboard Confessionals (I dunno; I just find it scary.)

17. If You Go Away – Emiliana Torrini (No, please, don't let it happen. I'm so scared, every time. . . .)

18. Thank You/Stan – Eminem & Dido (Too realistic. Too scary.)

19. Haunted – Evanescence (Ooooohh, dark. . . .)

20. Not Enuff Love – Faithless (There is, but we just don't know how to utilize it. This scares me.)

21. Fingal’s Cave (Eek.)

22. Walk Like A Man – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (Okay, this one might raise some eyebrows, but it scares me to think of someone with that voice telling other men how to walk like a man.)

23. Exorcist Theme (I've never seen the movie, but I read the book by firelight, in the woods, by the edge of a lake, alone.)

24. God Help The Outcasts – from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (All of Disney ain't appropriate for little kids.)

25. She’s Lost Control – Joy Division (I am very, very frightened of losing control.)

26. Stole (Good Kid) – Kelly Rowlands (I am very, very frightened of things like this happening again and again and again.)

27. If It Be Your Will – Leonard Cohen (I am very, very frightened of people who do things simply because someone tells them to.)

28. If I Had A Hammer – William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy (I am very, very frightened of any kind of musical collaberation between two men who belong in semi-spandex, on a spaceship. They both had the kiss of death when it came to shipboard romance, and they bring that same light touch to the recording studio.) (I think it's supposed to be funny, but it isn't.)

29. Close Your Eyes Forever – Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne (Death.)

30. When The Children Cry – Mark Oh (Please don't let the children cry any more.)

31. Night on Bald Mountain (That scene from Fantasia still scares me today.) (The REAL Fantasia, not that insipid sequel.)

32. Phantom’s Theme (Beauty and the Beast) – from Phantom of the Paradise (This harkens back to my fear of losing control.) (I don't mean of 'situations,' I mean of 'me.')

33. Cartman’s Scary Story – from South Park (. . . because every playlist should have a little whimsy in it.)

34. Ultraviolence Theme – from A Clockwork Orange (I saw this movie four times in one week. It scared me worse each time.) (I had dates. What can I say? It was free.)

35. Words That We Couldn’t Say – Steve Conte (Mmmm, Steve Conte. I don't really know why this song scares me. It just does.)

36. Tooty Ta – Dr. Jean Feldman (Don't listen to this song if you're all alone; you might kill yourself just to make it stop. This is the most horrible song I've ever experienced. Please think twice before exposing your innocent child, who might have grown up to love and appreciate real music, to this travesty. Please, make it stopppppppp. . . .) (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH)

As usual, my mixes are odd. This is because she who mixed them is odd.

Thank you, dear Patriside, for putting yet another great MixMania together. I look forward to your next theme.

Now, do you want to be REALLY scared? Check out my life.

I'm all alone in the house, and I put a meatloaf in the oven.

In about an hour, I'll be sitting at the kitchen table, alone, eating ketchup-drenched bland horrible meatloaf that nobody and nothing in the universe, even wild owls, will touch with a ten-foot pole. And which I like. A lot.

My brother liked it, too, but he moved away.

Don't worry, though. When YOU come for dinner, we'll have something else.

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