Monday, November 13, 2006

Melpomene, Please Go Away

Yesterday's post was about me crying over MASH. The post before that was me crying over a baby, ripped from his father's arms by a tornado.

Today finds me crying over two things.

Thing One: I discovered today that the baby's father is in one of my classes.

Thing Two: I had dinner with my friend Frau tonight and she told me of a conversation she overheard between two of her female students. It went something like this:

Girl One: I promised my Mom that I'd tell her, the first time I have sex.
Girl Two: But you've already had sex!
Girl One: Well, when I mean it, I'll tell her.

Both girls are fourteen years old.

To quote every little old lady in the world: "What are we coming to?"

Try not to think about the fact that I'm neither little nor a lady. (heh)

But honestly. . . . what are we coming to?

I'm sad tonight. What are we coming to?
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