Sunday, October 22, 2006

In Case You Didn't Already Know. . . .

I thought I might just give you all some direct orders suggestions for some great reads. These are probably blogs you all read anyway, at least, I hope they are, but these are some of my dailies. If you already know how good they are, go tell them so. If you haven't been to these blogs before, go today. You'll probably want to go again, too.

Goldie's back! Everybody rush over there and welcome her. Then add her to your blogroll and read her every day, because she's wonderful. WONDERFUL.

Then go over to Monty's and tell her how beautiful she is, even in that dress and with those scary, scary fingernails.

Get a drink of water.

When you come back, go to Guusje's blog and comment. It's unbelievable how some people can do the most terrible things while pretending to be on the side of the angels. Can you hear the angels weeping? I think I do. Besides, Guusje is a lovely person and a great read, any day.

Those of you who have lived through your children's teen years might then trot over to Pastor Jeff's blog, and tell him that this, too, shall pass. And while we're on the subject of those teen years, please go tell Scotty that he's doing the right thing, difficult as it is for him. The right thing is often the more difficult of two choices, and the most difficult of many choices.

Stand up and stretch. Now sit back down.

Go tell Phillip that his children are beautiful and that you hope he's feeling better.

I hope you visit the Three Good Doctors daily. Their blog will make you smarter, honest, it will.

So will Wes's blog. He's at the exact opposite side from me and from the three doctors in almost every issue, but I love him anyway. Besides, if we only listen carefully to the point of view we already hold, how can we learn anything?

One of the awesome things the blogosphere shows us is that even though opposite points of view are often held by people, most of us are kind and decent and intelligent and quite possibly have something to give each other that will enhance and enrich each other's lives. The blogosphere also proves to us that people whose lifestyles are different from ours, even to the extreme, are really people who have more in common with us than either of us thinks. By peeking through each other's windows, we see that we are all just nice people with much to offer each other, different though our personal viewpoints on certain issues might be. We make each other smarter people and better people and nicer people by reading what other people have to say. In our "real" lives, many of us don't have the opportunity to meet people who are 'different' from us. In the blogosphere, we are all sitting on each other's sofas and there is much we are all learning from each other. I think one of the main things we are all learning is that we really aren't THAT different from each other.

The only thing that makes me mad about MongaKim is that she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. The fact that she's an excellent writer and story-teller is icing on the cake. Please go to Kim's blog and start reading. You'll want to crack into her archives, too, in more ways than one.

Please go to Muzik's blog and tell him you're needy and insecure and you desperately need him to post more regularly. Tell him your emotional health will improve if he does.

I hope you all read the Education Wonks every day. If you have children of any age, this blog is required reading. I mean it.

There are a lot of blogs on my blogroll. I read them all, and I read them regularly. I do have Bloglines, but I seldom remember it in time. I read over half my blogroll every day, and I read them ALL at least weekly.

I try to comment regularly, too, but lately I've not been very good at that. My apologies.

I do have a real life, in case you're wondering. It's just that I have this life, too. I love them both.

Many of my internet friends have also become real-life friends. Many people I've never actually met are as dear to me as are those I have met.

Bloggers really are twice blessed. We have two real lives.
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