Friday, October 27, 2006

I Love You, Jamie Lee Curtis

On that sad, sad day when a woman discovers that absolutely nothing in Seventeen magazine has anything remotely to do with her life any more, what is she to do?

Come closer and I will tell you.

It's a magazine called More and it's absolutely fabulous.

"And what might this magazine have that I would be interested in reading?" you might well ask.

Articles like this, that's what.

I've been a Jamie Lee Curtis fan for many years, and I have always thought she was blazingly and uniquely beautiful. After reading this article, I think even more highly of her.

Of course, I've been crushing on her husband for years. The man is an absolute genius, and his brilliant mockumentaries deserve an Oscar category all their own. I think I know them all by heart, and I KNOW my Tumorless Sister does. (I'll link her if she gives me permission.) Our Learned Brother knows them all by heart, too. I'm hoping for some Amateurish Re-enactments at the Thanksgiving table this year. It's to be at my house so I'm the boss, right? Right? Would one of you please tell Mom?

And hey, fans, check out this video that was cut from A Mighty Wind. It's awesome.

I think that article about Jamie Lee Curtis should be required reading not only for us, but also for our daughters. I read somewhere that it was part of the inspiration for the wonderful Dove videos about what true beauty really is. (Please click them all. Allow your daughters to watch with you. Discuss.) (Actually, please encourage your sons to watch, too.)

And check out More magazine. You might not find page after page of possible prom dresses, but you'll find page after page of real-life women who, like us, have outgrown that nonsense and are looking for some pith.

I do love me some good pith.

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