Wednesday, August 30, 2006

American Idols: Real Ones

Click on over to peruse the latest edition of The Carnival of Education.  It's only our nation's children, and it's merely how our schools are shaping them and aiming them towards the future.  The future wherein they will be choosing your nursing home and removing sections of your colon.  How many of you want a NCLB-detainee doing that?  Not me.  I want someone who passed the test the first time, doing that.  Keep current; we owe it to our kids.
If there are any mistakes in this posts, it isn't my fault.  My eyes are still a little moist, and it's all Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred's fault.  And Wes's fault.  Not mine.
These two are poles apart in political theory and opinion, but they are both highly intelligent, creative, talented, kind, loving men who are assets to the universe.  They are proof that there is hope for the human race.  They are. . . . peachy keen.  I love them.  I mean to say, I love them.  They made me cry and I love them.
Their poles-apart politics are well-thought-out, researched, and fraught with proofs and examples.  Neither uses the "it was good enough for my grandfather so it's good enough for me" argument, and neither expects us to, either.  In fact, neither even permits us to.  Why should they?  Intelligent people think for themselves; they don't argue by quoting someone else.
These two are probably the smartest people I've ever met.
They both expect us to be intelligent beings, so we are.  We are, because it's expected, and because we can.  They know we can, and that's why they expect it.
They don't mind if we disgree, even, as long as it's for intelligent REASONS, not just emotional quotations and the adult equivalent of 'because I said so.'
I feel smarter every time I go there.  So will you. 
So go there.  Daily.
Smart is good.  Nice is good.  Smart, kind, loving, talented, discerning, understanding, and educated are better.  Guess which Siggy and Wes are?
That's right.  Door number three. Standing together in their intellectual disagreements,  proud to be intelligent Americans, and refusing to budge an inch unless the argument is really, really good.
Now that's my kind of man.
(Sorry, girls, they're taken.)  <---just like John Lennon on the Ed Sullivan Show.
Thank you, dear Siggy and Wes. 
Looks like I'll be buying more Kleenex on payday. . . .
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