Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wah Wah Waah WaWah Wah, and You Know Who You Are.

This is probably what I sound like to some of my students. Maybe I could just use this test next Tuesday night, for our final exam.

I hope my students are reading Chapter 18 and studying all those examples of various citations.

You know, jaywalking, passing on the left, and other misdemeanors. . . .

Citation is a very versatile word. Look it up: some of its meanings contradict each other. I love it when a word's meaning is dependent on its context. It makes me think.

Context. That's on the test, too.

Now is the time on Scheiss Weekly where Mamacita gets mean. I will probably delete this one when I cool down a little, but right now, I am venting.

My previous post was never meant to condemn homeschooling. Please read it more carefully before "you" send me emails that contain faulty logic and accusations. And because you didn't proofread your message, I'm posting this:

I have nothing but respect for someone who merely wishes to discuss POV in an intelligent good-natured way, but the two guys who emailed me this morning and blasted me with badly-spelled tirades and paragraphs that were not coherent, are just asking for it. I guess English Grammar was one of the courses you "gentlemen" considered useless in high school, so you're not making your kids learn it, either, eh?

This next one is for the woman who emailed me and told me that her sons NEVER needed to learn to read or write, and if she wants them to know something, she will just tell them. Literacy was but one of Satan's tools for leading the unwary into the abyss. I think she meant abyss. Phonetically, "abis" sounds the same. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt.

And this last one is for the woman who told me that even though her homeschooled son was the only one in his class, so to speak, his bedroom wall is papered with ribbons, buttons, and certificates, and his bookshelf is covered with trophies. I'm sorry, ma'am, but I must disagree that these things represent self-esteem. They don't represent anything at all.

To those homeschoolers who honestly want their children to have a good education, I salute you. Most of you are opening doors of wonder for your children that they might not otherwise ever experience. Some of your emails were very interesting and well-thought-out. A person who does not fear a little lively debate is my kind of person. I thank you.

To the woman who doesn't want her sons to learn to read or write: I hope CPS knocks on your door and takes your boys away, tonight.

To the two gentlemen whose lack of grammatical skills, insistence on using single letters instead of whole words (who du u think ur, neway) and inconsistent use of all lower case or ALL CAPS made my eyes water: Come back when you learn to spell. The way you both write, it's hard to believe you've got school-age kids.

And please, read a post carefully before you go screeching all over my email over some imagined slight.

It's all about the context. Now, go read Chapter 18.

Context. Don't make me cite you.
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