Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another Random Playlist

Random Playlist for a Sunday Afternoon

It's been a while since I've hit the old 'random' button, but this seemed like a good time. My kids are coming down to visit their beloved mommy do their laundry and eat for free, and I'm still stinky and disgusting (and probably covered with fresh chigger-bites) from mowing the part of the lawn I LEAST LIKE to mow. In fact, I hate to mow it. I do the entire huge yard cheerfully (I really do like to mow) but this one tiny pie-slice directly in front of the yard? I loathe mowing it. It has to be done with the push-mower and that thing hates me.

I can hear the music from the shower. Ahhhh.

1. Prayer of St. Francis – Sarah McLachlan
2. An Eagle in your Mind – Boards of Canada
3. Smoky Places – the Corsairs
4. Closet Disco Dancer – Red Elvises
5. Criminal – Fiona Apple
6. Northern Lights – Annie Haslam
7. Golden Age – Beck
8. Millennium Prayer – Cliff Richard
9. Ruby With The Eyes That Sparkle – Stuart Duncan & Dirk Powell
10. For Your Love – Yardbirds
11. I’ve Never Been In Love Before – Frank Sinatra
12. May Angels Lead You In – Jimmy Eat World
13. Love Lies Bleeding – Elton John
14. It Wasn’t Me – Lou Reed & John Cale
15. Then There Was You – Martine McCutcheon
16. Veronica – Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello
17. Across The Universe of Time – Hayley Westenra
18. Oliver’s Army – Moxy Fruvous
19. Chemical Burn – Dust Brothers
20. Harvester of Sorrow - Apocolyptica

I'm nothing if not eclectic.

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