Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Kind Of Flick

You know, I'm in the mood to watch a great movie from my childhood.  I think it'll be "The Parent Trap."  The GOOD version with Hayley Mills, not that insipid piece of malarky with Lindsay Lohan (back when she was cute and healthy, you know, before she chose, of her own free will, to be emaciated and sleazy. . . .)
I was a little kid when the REAL 'Parent Trap' came out, and that scene where the campers cut away the back of Hayley's dress and she walked into the dance with her underpants showing, cracked me up.  Still does.  Even as a kid I could tell when it was really Hayley and when it was a body double, but who cares? 
I could also see through something else when I was a kid:  I could see right through "Vicki."  I think every female of any age could, and did.  I always wondered why Brian Keith's character  couldn't.  I still wonder.  Are some men really that densely stupid?  The men I know are too smart to fall for that routine.  (They seem to be, anyway.)
And Maureen O'Hara is just simply one of the most stunningly beautiful women EVER.
Okay, I'm off to the kitchen to read my book and watch "The Parent Trap."  The REAL one.  I wouldn't have the other one in my house.
I bet lots of women my age (old) are huge Hayley Mills fans.  She was my movie idol from grade school on up.  I loved all her Disney flicks, and I loved all her non-Disney flicks.  Remember 'The Truth About Spring," where she co-starred with her father?  MMM, love it.
No blood, no guts, no bombs or grenades or conspiracy theories, no monsters. . . . nothing but good clean fun.
I'm showing my age again, aren't I.  Well, suck it up.
(Hayley did do a few 'art' films and I've seen them all, but they're not among my favorites.) (By 'art' I don't necessarily mean 'nude,' just 'art.') (Why, what were YOU thinking?)
P.S.  Yes, I almost always read a book while watching a movie.  Don't you?
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