Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Finally.  My computer has been at PowerSource for the past few days, being scrutinized and scoured.  That particular Trojan was a tenacious one; it hung on for dear life and didn't want to let go.  But Jack and Linda tell me they managed to delete it, finally.  FINALLY. 
What timing.  I'm teaching a hybrid course this summer and no sooner had I given my students the "you will be responsible for the internet assignments, etc, no matter WHAT" lecture, my own computer nearly died of nefarious infection.  I've got tomorrow afternoon to open up the college Blackboard site and see what's been turned in, before my class which begins at six.
Why don't I do that in the morning, you ask?  Heh.  If you really have to ask that, you don't know me very well.  The very essence of vacation is getting to sleep in.  If I get up early, I may as well go to work; the entire day is spoiled anyway.  :)
"Morning" is not my friend.  "Morning" is when I like to sleep.  Sunrises are very beautiful, yes.  I love to watch the sun rise.  And then I love to go to bed.  During the regular school year, I generally have a "normal" schedule, ie I get up early and go to school.  But in the summer, it takes me, oh, maybe five minutes to revert to my actual nocturnal state. 
And speaking of badly timed Trojans,   I have guests this week who had also counted on using my computer.  My three beautiful borrowed kids are here, and we don't consider their visit complete until their suitcases are stuffed full of burned cd's.  We'll do that tomorrow, after I check out my Blackboard stuff.
Yes, my borrowed children are here, and with my computer in the shop I wasn't able to brag and boast about their visit until tonight!  I love these kids so much, and they just get sweeter and cooler and better every year.
They're not really even 'children' any more.  Middle school and high school kids are not children.  Do not make the mistake of treating them like children. 
Their parents are coming for them on Wednesday, but if they get delayed, that's okay.  There's no hurry.  I'll keep them as long as I'm allowed. 
All three of them are so much fun.  Such nice, well-behaved young people.  The kind of kids a person can take anywhere, and know they'll behave properly.  These three have known how to behave properly in public since they were tiny.   They've been well taught by their lovely wise parents.  Their father is a blogger, by the way.
We took the kids to see "Cars" tonight.  I recommend the movie highly; it was cleverly written and chock full of delights.  Don't leave until you've sat through ALL of the credits.  Kids of all ages will enjoy this flick.  That's you, friends, as well as your children.
My computer is still very slow.  I'm hoping it's just convalescence. 
I missed it very much while it was in the shop.  If the kids hadn't been here I might have bitten a hole in the wall out of sheer frustration.  Not in the bedroom; there's already a hole in the wall in there.  (I fixed it by putting a bookshelf in front of it.)  I'd like to give you a sensible intelligent reason for that hole but the truth is, Hub heard a mouse behind the drywall and shot it through the wall.  He got the mouse, too.  Or else he scared it so badly it had a heart attack or ran away; we've never had livestock behind the drywall since.
Tomorrow, channeling 'Backdraft' with blank cd's and a Trojan-free computer, "we burn it all."  
"For those about to rock, we salute you."  Burn, baby, burn.
It's great to be back online. 
If anybody tells you that I let my three borrowed kids watch "School of Rock" on the kitchen tv late last night,  it's absolutely absurd.  I'd NEVER let kids watch that movie here.  They might, um, pick up IDEAS or something.  It's strictly Disney in MY kitchen.  No "Hitchhiker's Guide" tomorrow, either.  Not a chance.
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