Friday, May 12, 2006

Where Is The Groom? He's In The Other Room. In Ohio.

Former teacher's pet and current beloved friend Wes is getting married tomorrow.  He invited me (honest, he really did!!) but I can't go because of a family thing. 
But since none of us can go to his wedding, let's all go over to his blog and shower him with good wishes.  He's a great guy, and I knew he was even when he was a kid in 8th grade.
Sometimes, on the first day of school, you just KNOW.  With Wes, I knew.
Thank you, dear Wes, for becoming a kind, caring, sensitive, considerate, snarky, sarcastic, cool man.  Most of the time we agree on the important things, and even when we don't, we're both open to listening.  It doesn't change us, but we do listen to each other.   I'd mention your incredible musical talent but . . .. oh wait, I just did.
Oh, and by the way, the fact that just because I say so isn't always good enough for you, is one of the many things that makes you cool.
I am sending the very best of good wishes your way, dear Wes.  I hope the sun shines on your wedding, and that there are rainbows and little singing birdies, and butterflies, and all the silly superstitious omens of good fortune in the world.  May all the flowers in your path burst into bloom when you and Jawa Girl walk past them.
I wish for you a home full of love, and music, and frenetic debate.  May you always be as happy as you are this minute.
You know that I have always been on your side, ever since you were a little kid.  I always will be, even when you're wrong.  HAH.  Wrong, wrong, wrong, Wes.  Yes, even then.  I'm talking to you, Mr. Liberal-Leanings.  <---  Just kidding.
From the teacher to the student, and from the old lady to the young man, and from the friend to a friend, then, may the rest of your life be full of wonder and fun and beautiful, beautifuil music..
. . . blowing positive wedding wishes towards the greater Cincinnati area. . . . .
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