Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Adorable baby kittens. Free to good home.

Hey, does anyone want a kitten? They're irresistable, really.

They're not mine, but they've been living on my deck for the past week. Four yellow ones (one with a white face) and a dark grey one with light grey and gold highlights.

My own poor elderly cat is so intimidated by the MomCat, he won't even assert himself enough to eat out of his own dish when I pour the cheap cat food chunks in it. That first chunk hits the plastic and those kittens are all over that dish like piranha on a cow's hind leg. If poor Charley Gordon comes near it, MomCat takes a swipe at him. There's enough hissing out there to rival a den of snakes. And I know what that sounds like, too.

But, but, but. . . . they're so cuuuuute. They really are. And aren't they too young to be chowing down on CheapoChunks? They're only a month old, for crying out loud, which they also do a lot.

They're still nursing, yes. But they're also eating a LOT of CheapoChunks. MomCat has also stopped cleaning them up when they poop, which means that I'm hosing down my deck once a day, and sometimes more. This must cease.

Dear neighbors, please come and get your kittens. You know where they've been for the past week. If they're still here when I get home from this Blackboard class, I'm bringing them over.

I probably shouldn't have put that big covered box out there. With an old blanket in it.

Well, here they were, and I was worried about the raccoons and possums eating them.

Whoops, look at the time! Got to feed all those cats and get to class.

I mean, feed MY cat. Or try.

Poor old kitty. Him's totally outnumbered and him's done out of his own little dish. Not fair. And look, there's the MomCat standing guard.

I'll get the hose out when I get back. Ain't nobody sittin' out there just yet. Yuck.

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