Thursday, April 20, 2006

Still fuming. . . .

This insurance thing just keeps getting worse and worse.  I can't talk about it tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.  Grrrrrrr.
So anyway, while I'm already angry, I'll tell you about something that happened twenty years ago that I'm still mad about. 
My former school was a K-8 building, one of many schools in a large corporation.  (I hate large corporations; don't get me started. . . .)  In this school, twenty years ago, there were three third grade classrooms, and each of them had 37 students in them.  I know this because my daughter was in one of them.
At the same time, the elementary schools in TOWN were averaging between 14-18 students per classroom.
When I politely inquired as to what the hell was going on with these numbers, I was told that on paper, it all averaged out fine and the system was meeting the requirements of the 'small numbers in grades 1 through 3'  laws.  The administration honestly did not have a clue why the parents of these little country school students were upset.  Yes, that administration was that stupid.
Heck, when I first transferred from the town junior high to this little country middle school, and asked why the country school didn't have any workbooks, all hell broke loose.  The system had been saving money on the workbooks, only buying them for the town kids but charging everybody the same book rental fees.  After I threw my somewhat memorable fit about that at a meeting, and the workbooks magically appeared in all the buildings, I was told that it was my fault that everyone's rental fees went up that next year.
They had been counting on the other teachers not knowing they were supposed to have workbooks, you see.  I came from the town school where we had them, so I knew.  Parents, be inquisitive!  If your child's school is part of a consolidation, find out exactly what books and supplies you are paying for, and if they are not showing up in your building, raise a ruckus till you get what you are paying for.
Of course, several of those administrators were Administration Building administrators instead of individual school building administrators because they'd been caught in the act of boinking (thank you, sweet Yvonne, for teaching me this word!)  with an underling, in the school.   In the very act, I'm telling you.
In this school system, principals got promoted for being caught with their pants down.  The secretaries got fired.
Then again, there was that Administration Building administrator who was caught having sex with his secretary ON TOP OF HER DESK, and HE was sent to the vocational school to teach, for the rest of his contract time.
Oh, whatever.  That system had more Administrative Titles, most of them created to house a pantsless principal with a contract,  than a dog has fleas.  And the fleas were smarter. I don't think anyone in that administration is still there, but I believe that the current administration is even worse.  Try as I might, I am unable to conjure up any respect for any of them, and I would not trust any of them to tell me whether or not it was raining outside.  I'd have to get up and go look for myself.
I'm still mad about my seven-year-old daughter in a classroom with 37 other kids.  That was inexcusable.
In a school corporation, everything is supposed to be equitable.  That's the whole reasoning behind consolidating! 
You know,  I feel no loyalty whatsoever to that crooked, horrible school system, and I know tons of really interesting and scandalous facts about it.  Stay tuned. 
Unless, of course, I mellow out between now and then.  Haha, like THAT'S going to happen.
"Beware the fury of a patient person."  No duh.
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