Saturday, April 08, 2006

Stain. A private joke.

I had lunch today with my Tumorless Sister. I brought her a little present; she brought me a little present; she paid for lunch. We sat in Mark Pi's for two hours, and if the ears of any of our other siblings were burning it certainly wasn't our fault; we have no control over either the laws of physics or old wives' tales. In this family, if you don't want your ears to burn, you'd better show up at the reunion. Speaking of which, we decided to have a pitch-in/reunion on Easter Sunday, at Mom's house. I suppose the next step is to inform Mom.

After we were finished eating, discussing the difference between a 'fortune' and a "motto,' and verbally marrying and burying and inquiring as to all the relatives, we drove out to Goody's and looked through all the clearance racks for seasonal leftovers that might fit. There weren't any. Everybody who wore my size and her size had already been there. However, if you know anyone who wears size 0 or 26, I know where there are some bargains to be had.

I still haven't tackled the huge ever-growing pile of essays that need to be graded, but I'll get around to it eventually.

Whoops, there goes THAT excuse.

And now, back to the dining room where I am listening to Mixmania cd's and doing some middle-aged headbanging to the great mixes sent to me by Sterfish and Patriside.

Thank you to all who participated in Patriside's Mixmania. His new theme is posted over on his blog; get over there and sign up for it.

Please, people, if you sign up for Mixmania, follow through. It's just not fair for someone to receive a cool mix and not send his/her match anything. In fact, it's worse than 'not fair.' It's disgusting and selfish on the part of the slacker. Sometimes things happen and we are late, but to not send your mix at all? Inexcusable. Absolutely inexcusable.

Word to my Tumorless Sister: "Stain." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. . . . . . .

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