Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sometimes the Pearls ARE Swine.

I beg of you all, do not buy any books by these people. (link removed on advice from much smarter person than me.) Do not patronize any store, off or on-line, that sells anything by these people, or allows these people to advertise on their premises. I have seen other blogposts and articles that expose these people for what they really are, but I think this is the first time I've posted my opinion here.

There are a few "reputable" websites that allow these people to advertise. I hate to hurt these good people in any way, but as long as they allow these advertisements, I can only assume that perhaps they are not all that good and possibly not that reputable in the first place. Do not give them your money until they stop allowing child abusers to advertise.

Michael and Debi Pearl. They are the Child Abuse Gurus of the uneducated and ignorant masses.

Follow their advice and THIS is what can happen. Beware of stupid people with masters and weapons.

Show your deep and abiding love for your innocent little infant by hitting him with a stick and drawing blood. Be sure you lower the blinds first, because you know how those nosy neighbors like to call CPS on you. Choose your weapon carefully; you don't want nosy daycare workers to see any welts. PVC plumbing pipes are good for hitting. Pull his hair out. Pinch him till it bleeds. Bite him. THAT'LL teach him to go to sleep when you tell him to; he's four months old already and it's time he's aware of who's in charge. It's all about control, and showing your kids who's the boss. And when your kids are too young to understand words, you can be sure they'll understand pain. Train them like the dogs they are.

Dear Lord. Do not let these people get any more followers. They are evil, and they prey upon the ignorant. Their book is nothing more than a handbook for sadists and child abusers, with lines of scripture thrown in here and there to fool those who are easily fooled by such tactics. It's the same tactic used by the KKK in their brochures. They are banking on you not being smart enough to understand what they are really saying.

I am not saying that we should let our children be the bosses. No way. I think by now you all know my opinion of brats. But I am saying that an adult who can be the boss only by inflicting pain on a child, or an INFANT, is a mighty poor excuse for a human being. And a supposed authority figure who not only encourages it, but TEACHES PEOPLE HOW, is evil personified.

Please, all you supposedly good and reputable websites who are allowing these people to advertise on your site: No more. Their presence on your website is bringing you down and reducing your credibility to the lower depths. Surely their money doesn't mean THAT much to you? Although, if the ads remain, I guess it does, huh. Should I post the url's and let people see for themselves who you are, and what you are advocating by allowing these ads?

I know that there are people who claim they can take 'some' of these people's advice and ignore the rest. No, you can't. The mere presence of this book in your home is creepy. Heck, we can find good advice here and there in anything. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Let's love our children, and teach them by example. Let's discipline them gently. Let's not draw blood and raise welts and end each day with a handful of soft child's hair in our hands, and a little toddler's blood in our teeth.

Just thinking of these people makes me cry. And thinking of these people also makes me furious, at them, and at anyone who follows their violent and sadistic methods.

I would never give my money to any place that sold or allowed advertising by these people. Please, let's none of us give them any of our business.

And then, let's go home and hug our children. That's "hug" them, not beat them.

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